La Manga Security

Security is the most significant item of expenditure which clearly demonstrates the high priority given to the safety and security of people and property by the Resort since its inception

Over the years the security operation has grown in scope and professionalism and La Manga Club can now lay claim to be one of the safest and most secure resorts in Europe.
Eulen Security, which currently provides the security guards at La Manga Club, is a fully licensed, private security company. Every guard employed at La Manga Club has been fully trained and completed more than 200 hours of study at an academy approved by the National Police Authority. Each guard takes a final examination with the National Police Authority in Valencia or Granada which they must pass to be authorised to undertake their duties.
In the course of their duties the guards are empowered in accordance with legislation controlling the activities of private security companies to stop, question and identify anyone they consider suspicious. All identifications made by our guards are properly documented and copies are taken to the Guardia Civil offices where they are formally recorded.
There are two security entry points to the resort and guards patrolling the resort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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